A well-rounded team of specialists ready to undertake any security project regardless of size, complexity or location. If anything, we welcome a challenge because we love what we do and it shows. Between us, we have more than 20 years of security project design and installation experience, with very well trained technicians and acclaimed engineers. In all the years we’ve been working as a team there has never been a project too hard or too complicated to complete. Our can-do attitude leads us to successfully overcome any obstacles we may have come across and acquire that extra bit of experience.

Cubitech Systems-Culture



We make sure that everything we design and suggest on a project will cover each one of the customer’s needs. And we will do that while setting the highest standards of security, efficiency, flexibility and great value.


Always updated and constantly seeking for new ideas and new technologies to implement. Our team will design and develop new solutions every time there is no alternative available. We thrive on challenges and welcome fresh ideas.


We are confident to work outside our comfort zone, work around obstacles and solve difficult problems both in the design and on the field. We change, test and keep the practice with the best results and we will do it all over again when it’s necessary. 


Cubitech Systems is certified for the entire range of its activities – Design & Installation of Fire Safety, Security Automation Integrated Solutions and Provision of Security Services by ISO. Beyond and apart of ISO certification, the whole philosophy of Cubitech Systems is to be a top quality single source provider of services and products, for the maximum benefit of our customers.


More proof that we do what we say, not just say what we do.
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 27001
ISO 45001
Security Excellence 2019 Banking
Security Excellence 2019 Surveillance and Video Systems
Security Excellence 2019 Perimeter Security
Software & Hardware for Monitoring Station
Security Supplier 2019
Locations Cubitech Systems


Our offices are located in Athens, UK, Cyprus and Australia

Undertaking projects world-wide has given us a truly global presence. In addition to our own facilities we have associates and affiliate companies in strategic locations all around the world.