Whether the location is remote or the conditions are hard, our installation team works like a well-oiled machine every time. We take pride in our highly skilled professionals that have been working together for many years and have shared countless hours hands-on to ensure flawless installations all over the world.


A well planned installation will save you time and money especially when the location is remote and any miscalculation or omission can cost a lot. Our team is always aware of that during an installation and being experienced specialists, they have perfected most procedures.


Our installation teams are organized by their project manager who is responsible to brief the team and create strict procedures. There is a detailed plan of action that everyone follows and a clear chain of command. It is crucial to keep everything in line if we want perfect results every single time.


No task begins unless the manager and the team are absolutely positive they have taken all necessary precautions. Every technician on the field is equipped with apparel and tools that will keep them away from harm. As trained professionals, our team is well aware of safety protocols and procedures.


Project Performance Indicators are used to measure the effectiveness of the installation process. The project manager keeps track of variables such as time, accuracy and outcome in every step of the way. That gives the team the chance to evaluate procedure and ensure optimum performance.