Turning over a successfully executed project is not enough. We need to know that we have made everything about the operation, management and control clear for your operating officer. Even with today’s user friendly equipment and software, sophisticated security systems can be rather tricky.


A very important part of a successful training is to listen to your questions. Even though we strive to cover every detail, there can always be a question of practical or technical nature that you do not fully grasp or understand. Our trainers will not leave until they know that you have got all your answers.


We will turn everything on for you and give you an overall presentation of what your new security system can do. Together we will do a general check and go through controls, indicators, positions, the works.


When you have gotten a general taste of where everything is and what it does, we will go in depth with your operating officers. Our trainers will explain hands-on, using examples and cases to thoroughly teach your officers everything they need to know


While we do run an outstanding support service, our trainers will provide you with documentation on your system. Manuals, settings, graphics and charts will be at your officers' disposal until they get familiar with the operations.